Remote Site Data Capturing
& Monitoring

Optimize Production,
Reduce Operating Costs,
Improve Measurement.

Monitor and manage remote production and
processing sites in real time with NetFlow,
the industry's most effective SCADA
dashboard solution.

Get to know NetFlow

Developed exclusively for oil and gas professionals, NetFlow is a web-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software system that enables remote site management in real-time.

It offers a superior solution for optimizing remote-site visits, reducing production downtime.

How it works

Two-way encrypted communication is enabled between remote sites and the NetFlow server through a secure internet connection. NetFlow can communicate with virtually any field system as a stand-alone device, or integrated into an existing SCADA system.

Users can then control and update information remotely without the need for additional software.

Online status information and personalized call-out alarms enable operators to prioritize their activities according to what is occurring in the field, while historical data is regularly available for reporting, analysis and forecasting across different functions and locations.


● Real-time site information
● Capture flow volume with complete audit trail
● Vendor neutral compatibility
● Update flow computer configuration
● Plunger lift control optimization
● Set and manage callouts for high/low alarms
● Online monitoring and status checks
● Shut down and restart equipment
● Adjust flow control valves
● Monitor and adjust compressor operations

Data Validation

Auditing volumetric data is essential in maintaining GPA standards and workflow efficiency. Our auditing process offers chart and EFM data comparison, discrepancy identification, and technical support when resolving data differentials.