GAS Analytical Services

North America’s leading gas chart
integrator also specializes in lab &
field services, fabrication, and EFM

Who We Are

GAS Analytical Services (GAS Analytical) is North America’s leading gas chart integrator, processing over 160,000 gas charts on a monthly basis. We provide chart integration services to over 900 customers including 80% of the top 25 gas producers in North America. Established 30 years ago to provide natural gas measurement solutions and field services, our expertise in gas measurement, has grown in scope to include the full distribution of meters, instruments, accessories, fittings, valves and support services.

Through the balance of practicality, innovation and technology, GAS Analytical Services solutions empower clients to manage critical gas production data.

Gas flow recorders and chart interpretation services are critical to petroleum producers and processors, since a large portion of measured gas production is still dependent on these services. GAS Analytical Services, Inc. is the industry leader in gas chart processing with ProChart, a chart processing software. Combined with NetFlow, a production measurement and site monitoring system, and ProTrend, a fluid analysis management system, GAS Analytical Services offers the total production data solution.

Offices are located in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas, and field technicians strategically located throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, GAS Analytical Services offers comprehensive gas measurement services throughout the Appalachian Basin.

Who We Work With


From senior integrated companies to small independent gas producers, thousands of wells to small fields, GAS Analytical Services provides full measurement services and products.

Transmission Companies & LDC's

Major transmission companies and utilities rely on GAS Analytical Services to provide their instrumentation and metering requirements, from custom builds to sourcing to servicing all meters. At custody transfer points, GAS Analytical provides testing and expert assessments of the reliability of the meters.